What a Jerk

The client wanted a simple e-commerce site to launch his new business. As well as a quick turnaround, it needed to be easy on the wallet. He also wanted the site to feature several quirky, hand-sketched illustrations.

Visually, I had some fun with this project. The illustrations offered a great starting point in developing the look and feel of the site while enhancing the brand message. Firstly, we started by digitising the client’s drawings and handwritten logo. When doing this, I was careful to retain the ‘hand drawn’ quality, which complemented and strengthened the homemade, independent product message.

Sharing ideas with the client throughout the design journey, we decided to present the imagery in comic book style. I set the illustrations against a vibrant backdrop so they visually jump off the page. The chosen colour palette is instantly recognisable and nods to the product’s culinary roots in the Caribbean.

To complement the logo and imagery, we selected a typeface for headings and subheadings close in style to the clients own handwriting. I suggested adding a recipe section to add value and encourage visitors to purchase marinades and return frequently. This page gives instructions on how best to use the marinades for taste-bud tingling results!


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