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Indie Retail Finance offer credit finance solutions to independent retailers. The solutions allow independent retailers to provide credit to their customers.

Indie Retail Finance needs to supply its customers with training and accreditation to comply with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) requirements. The training enables their customers to understand and work within the FCA guidelines when offering credit to consumers.

Indie Retail tasked a developer and me to help design an online training facility so that their customers could become fully compliant with the FCA regulations.

Working closely with the client, I brought detailed and dry information to life. I created a flexible visual style that uses branded imagery and iconography to break information up into more manageable segments for the audience. I also designed interactive games to engage with the audience.

Throughout the project, I have designed all the visual learning aids needed. These include brand imagery, iconography, infographics, sub-brand logos, example advertising, POS, certificates and emails.

The font Neue Haas Grotesque has been used to modernise the brand logo. A new icon and colour scheme compliments the typography.

The final designs work within a modular structure allowing the developer to build a custom CMS. By using Adobe XD to prototype, I streamlined the design process until sign off. It also ensured all information was correct before handover to the developer.


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