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Back2back is an independent, Brighton-based TV production company producing award-winning popular factual series and documentaries.
The client wanted a clean, visually engaging new site to showcase their award-winning programmes. They also asked me to bring to life their existing brand.

Logo refresh: Firstly, I concentrated on injecting new life into their brand. I took the existing Back2back logo and looked at new ways in which font options could provide a more contemporary feel. Using typefaces that contained the existing font’s characteristics meant we maintained brand continuity whilst improving on the logo’s aesthetic. Another essential factor was that the new fonts offered strong legibility across all media.
In addition to the revised logo, I provided a set of design guidelines, an updated stationary package and digital transmission card templates.

Web design: I developed a simple yet effective design that would work seamlessly across all devices. The use of a wide main rotating area on the homepage delivers a strong visual impact. This expansive open feel offers the perfect stage for the imagery to be the main focus when engaging with the audience. The designs echo both the existing site and colours to maintain brand values. Orange has been used sparingly, mainly as a highlight accent.


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